Strong Bones + Teeth

by Grey Milk

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This is the first release under the moniker of Grey Milk.

At the time Grey Milk consisted of Jesse Houle & Dylan Clark.

Self-released in the spring of 2006, copies can currently be obtained in-person or with some polite asking through the NFR website.


released April 1, 2006

All songs (music & lyrics) on Strong Bones + Teeth were written & recorded by Grey Milk.

Recorded by Jim Sharp at Sharp Studios, Southbridge, MA in February 2006.


all rights reserved



Grey Milk Athens, Georgia

You are here... sort of.

We are natives of New England and currently base our operations out of Athens, GA.

We're part of Nobody's Favorite Records and The Branch Collection: two obscure, amorphous groups of folks who collectively pool our efforts of creativity- primarily those of the musical variety. These monikers give us the appearance of added legitimacy.

We are human.
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Track Name: Uprooted, Part I
I was a wooden house and you were a tornado
As such you did what a tornado ought to naturally do
And how you come as fast as you can certainly go
The wreckage left behind I don’t find half as beautiful

And this is not the way that I intended it to be
But we must not forget how exciting tornadoes can be
Tossing cars and uprooting trees
Without much wait you dissipated, what a mess you left behind

I am some splintered boards, I am the dust of broken remains
The trace of a foundation suddenly been rearranged
Scattered around with bricks and broken glass- all that’s left of my frame
And I sit huddled in the corner with a flashlight
Track Name: The Concept
And all the calm existentialists
And all the medicated therapists
And the fat yoga instructor
Well they all seemed fine
And I couldn’t quite put my finger on it
But it seemed that they weren’t full of shit
When they told me too
That some day I’ll find it

Well okay...alright

So I’m shooting in the dark
Here with ol' Mr. Clark
For the wisest man knows
It is he who knows not
Seeking out solace
From inside a guitar
I mean why the hell else
Would we be in Southbridge, Massachusetts anyway?

Well hey, it's okay!

The con in connectedness
Is an individualist
Can truly never exist
And all are the same
The con in contentedness
Is you’re still okay with this
Tragedy’s met with bliss
And life turns mundane

Well hey, it’s okay

The con in contemporary’s
Everything’s ordinary
Nothing is met
Without a precedent laid
The con in contentedness
Is you’re still okay with this
Tragedy’s met with bliss
And life turns mundane

So all the bits good and bad
Opposites white and black
Viewed from far enough away
All mesh together
In an impossible grey
But this one goes out
To that crazy little spec
Down in Dayville, Connecticut
Track Name: Tired
Tired and bored
That makes me boring
And I don’t think that I want to change
Don’t want to wait
Don’t want to forget
I’m better this way
Tired and hurt
Burned out on Bukowski
And drinking myself to an end
No point
No worth
Say you care and I’ll know you’re pretending

You make me whole
You know, you make me

And you say you know that you don’t know
And you know it means nothing to know
But if there’s a lot that you don't know
Then you got a bit more than you know

And you’ll never know what you will be
If you will it don’t mean it will be
cuz The future won’t be what we see
Because you can’t control what you can’t be

Letting go of the past isn’t easy
But it’s a task you can achieve, see
What matters isn’t the past
What does is just what you have right now

It’s easy to hurt
More easy to worry
Will anything good ever last?
“There’s got to be more,”
You say so unsure
Of the faith that you have in that fact
No time to waste
But no need to hurry
If you focus ahead then too fast
Will time
Be unraveling
So dream of yourself where you are
Track Name: Missing
Well I don’t know what’s wrong with me
But ending here is where I keep on
Ending up and with no sleep
Oh, is that so? Is it just me?

Well, you might know me
Better than me
Yeah, you might know
A thing or…no

Traveling so far and wide
So far inside my narrow mind
I let it slip, now change the slide
Another place or frame of mind

Well, He just might see
Something in me
Or He might be
Just hopes and dreams

...on what could be
What could we be?
What does this mean?
What’s wrong with me?

…on what could be
What could we be?
Track Name: Atmosphere
You stood at the edge of the world and then jumped off
Swam around through space until you found the next drop off
Curiosity led you past any map, and beyond hope
No chance, no thought of ever turning back
And you’re running out of air…

You stood at the eighth wonder of the world and then thought how
No one has seen it yet, who needs to? You could settle there if you tore it down
Individualist, ignorance led to this but to say you’re intentions were
No good- not true! Not good enough, nothing is for you can’t help it
So burn it into the air
Singe the atmosphere

You swear you didn’t know?
You knew…

You know what you want to say
But you don’t say a thing
Because you don’t know what it means

You swear you didn’t know?
You knew
You think it’s all a joke?
Well ha ha ha…
Track Name: Waiting for Nothing
Sitting here
Wondering how
You came around
And I fell apart
It’s nothing unusual
My drive fell to neutral
And nothing feels natural
Just breathing seems forced
So I’m singing

The edge of the party
Seems much more inviting
Outside of the laughing
The comfort of hiding
Inside my own body
Inside of your body
Inside everybody
Sometimes I see nothing
So I’m singing

I’m sitting here waiting
For something to happen
Then you come along
And flip my perspective
I know it’s unhealthy
To wonder of dying
I’ve tried to be happy
I'm tired of trying

All of this figuring
And I figured wrong
Defeat and acceptance
I'm lost and it's gone
You’re not like the others
You’re not like the others
You’re not like the others, a lot like the others
A lot like the others, you’re not like the others

Sitting here
Wondering how
You came around
And I fell a part

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